Lou-Anne Binns

My aim is to create a safe basis for you to hone and build you chosen skill


My time with Lou-Anne really helped me to with my strength and flexibility. As a runner I thought a few token stretches after a jog was enough, I didn't understand why my flexibility never improved and I still picked up injuries. By explaining why each stretch and exercise was important and how to do it properly, Lou Anne helped me to use the time I dedicate to stretching and strengthening much more purposefully. Working on the exercises she taught me has brought noticeable improvements to my flexibility. As someone who isn't naturally very flexible, I felt completely supported and non-judged in my session. Lou-Anne saw what I could already do and helped me to achieve more, I can't recommend her classes enough!

— Maya

I attended regular classes with Lou-Anne at the beginning of the pandemic with hopes of improving my front splits. Lou-Anne is a friendly, passionate and knowledgeable coach, she is able to cater for individual needs and is always sharing new drills and exercises to aid your progress and keep it varied and interesting! I would definitely recommend her for improving flexibility actively and safely.

— Shona

Education and Experience

Musical Performance

I started singing lessons from an early age and quickly decided that I wanted it to be a big part of what I was going to do. I obtained a degree in Classical Singing from the Royal Conservatiore of Glasgow and then went on to hone my Musical Theatre skills at the the International College of Musical Theatre. I love the duality of training both classical and music theatre and find that the two complient each other.

Aerial Specific Conditioning and Flexibility

I discovered pole at the age of 18 and found it complimented my dance background well. From there I went on to train silks, hoop and contortion. I have found through my years of training that anatomy based learning is the key to an injury free life. My certification includes:

Advanced Stretching Technique Instructor Certified - Bendy Kate

Contortion Foundation for Coaches - J.S. Creations

Anatomy and Physiology for Pole and Aerial - Spin City

Strength and Conditioning for Pole and Aerial - Spin City

Stretching and Flexibility for Pole and Aerial - Spin City

Beginners Pole Fitness - Spin City

What  I Offer

Singing Lessons

I offer online private singing lessons to all levels and ages. I specialise in musical theatre and classical but have a good knowledge of most genres and styles. My primary aim is safety of the voice and harnessing your natural voice to be the best that it can be.

Stretch and Flexibility

I teach all levels from "can't touch my toes" up to beginner contortion. I focus on a balance of active and passive flexibility in order to keep you safe and make these skills transferrable to an aerial setting.

Strength and Conditioning

For these classes I focus on conditioning individual muscle groups relevant for the chosen exercise. I also focus on mobility and range of motion in the joints. I would recommend this if you want to keep up with your sport over a break period or feel like you have specific weak areas.


£20 per hour

£15 per half hour